Discover how to mine Bitcoins without buying any hardware

This solution enables you to start creating your own Bitcoins, without buying them, like a real gold miner. Follow these 5 simple steps to start your quest (about 5-10 min.).

1. What is Bitcoin Mining?

If you already know the answer, please move to step 2.

Basically, Bitcoin Mining is solving complex math problems using complex computer software and get rewarded in Bitcoin, but there is an easiest way... on step 2

More information at

2. Open a FREE account to a cloud mining pool

Most of the mining programs out there are pretty complicated to setup and will frustrate your average user. Recently a great website has come out to get the most basic of users started.

I am personally using which is reputed to be the SAFEST and MOST PROFITABLE Cloud Mining Pool. is proudly on TOP 10 ranking on websites like or

3. Transfer some BTC to your wallet

To start safely, but enought to generate few micro BTC per hours, I would recommend to transfer at least 0.01 BTC. Once your BTC arrives in your wallet, you can start trading MINING POWER, the GH/s

4. Trade some GH/s

GH/s are GigaHashes per second; Instant Power for Bitcoin mining that will solve the complex Math problem we can't do at home with special and super expensive hardware (ASIC). The owner rent them out through the mining pool This solution allows you to get real mining power, without the craza investments behin. Of course, it is a little more expensive per GH/s, but these devices cost at least $6,000, not for me :)

5. Watch your Bitcoin wallet grow and rest

Now your GH/s are working for you, see mine bellow. The BTC wallet will grow alone, as well as other crypto-currencies on the mining pool.

Thanks for reading!

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